Married Women Having Affairs

What man doesn’t fantasize about married women for affairs? We fantasize about our friend’s wives, other men’s wives we see out, wives in the store, in traffic; just about anywhere we see them. Aahh wonderful, sexy, naughty, sexually hungry married women for affairs; they come in all shapes and sizes and come from every area of life.

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Married Personal Ads

Just think about it, married personal ads. That is an idea whose time has come. Although there have always been different forms of introduction for married people looking to cheat, it has always proven to be risky. Never has it been easier and safer to screen and initiate contact with literally thousands of people looking for exactly the same thing.

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Discreet Encounters

The phrase discreet encounter just sounds fun. It says it all. Discreet encounter is just a really cool way of saying secret sex. It is a seriously homogenized call to all cheaters. It rolls off the tongue well, doesn’t it? It screams extramarital affair but it doesn’t actually say it. It is socially acceptable way of asking the masses to join you in a taste of forbidden fruit. The phrase discreet encounters is so acceptable that we are allowed to say it in personals of the local paper, use it in any one of over 54,000 websites, it even has it’s own category on Craigslist. How great is that!

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Intimate Encounter Says It All

Intimate encounter, the simple utterance of the words truly says all that needs to be said. It is a discreet way of saying sex, sex and more sex. It implies a secret rendezvous’ or a daring midday meeting. It somehow lets us believe that this will be a safe place to explore sexual acts we don’t normally do. It tells us all that we aren’t here for conversation, food or the scenery.

  • This is going to be a purely carnal encounter!

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A No Strings Attached Rendezvous, the Perfect Discreet Encounter

No Strings Attached (NSA), the ultimate discreet encounter for married women and married men seeking affairs. NSA is an acronym that appears in an amazing percentage of married personal ads. No strings attached is a simple three word phrase that tells married men and married women for affairs that this is going to be a purely sexual experience.

  • This is not going to be a complicated emotional relationship where we walk on the beach and talk about our future.
  • We aren’t going to meet each others families over Sunday dinner.
  • And no one will be saying I Love You.

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Why Are Married Men Seeking Affairs?

Married men seeking affairs is a category that has existed almost as long as marriage itself. Why are so many married men seeking affairs? It didn’t take long for married men and married to women to figure out what happens to passion when you are with the same person night after night, doing the same thing night after night. I am guessing it was soon after the first batch of marriages that married people started looking for an extramarital affair with someone else that loved the marriage, just missed the passion.

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Where to Safely Meet Cheating Wives

Cheating wives, a phrase that excites and strikes fear in all married men. Married men seeking affairs all fantasize about other men’s cheating wives. We leer and ogle them in public. We smile and desire them at our children’s school functions. We imagine that they are looking at us with lust and wanton desire in the grocery store. We daydream about passionate extramarital affairs with them at work. We manage to mentally have discreet encounters with almost every desirable wife we meet. And we are sure that every wife we meet is potentially a cheating woman, except our own of course. And we are probably right!

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How to Find a One Night Stand - The Holy Grail of Extramarital Affairs

One night stands are the holy grail of extramarital affairs. They are the ultimate no strings attached sexual experience. A one night stand is great if not perfect way for cheating women or married men seeking affairs to get a little sex outside of his marriage without getting caught. For people seeking intimate encounters outside of their marriage, a one night stand offers the sex you are seeking with none of the risky phone calls, texts or other forms of obligatory communication that come with having a more conventional affair.

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3 Tips for Hiding Your Affair

So you’re married and having an affair. You are not alone. According to recent surveys thirty percent of all married people have had or are currently involved in an extramarital affair. They overwhelmingly said that they loved their spouses and families, they just missed the passion. Many married men seeking affairs expressed sexual boredom or a desire to explore new sexual avenues that their wives were not open to. Married women for affairs desired intimate encounters that were naughty or sexually daring. Most of the people surveyed found what they were looking for in married personal ads online. Whether it is a no strings attached (NSA) one night stand or an ongoing affair the trick is not to get caught. There are three basic tips for keeping these extramarital dalliances hidden.

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Christian Dating Websites - The Fastest Growing Online Personals

Christian dating websites are the fastest growing genre of dating personals on the web.

The growth of these websites has become a phenomenon. The singles dating websites support a lot of different categories of people finding love online. Usually most mainstream or traditional online profiles will find themselves still incorporated into the larger singles dating websites. They differentiate themselves by putting preferences into their profiles.

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